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Mach2 corporate working trousers in polyester cotton


Beige-GreyNavy blue-BlackLight grey-DarK grey



The product complies with the European Directive 89/686, notably regarding ergonomics, innocuousness, comfort and with standards :


Trousers. Elasticated waist on both sides. Preformed knees. 9 pockets including 1 ruler.

Twill 65% polyester 35% cotton 245 g/m².

  • Agriculture / Green areas
  • Construction / Civil engineering
  • Light industry
  • Second work / craftsman
  • Services / Logistics
  • Wearing
  • Reference pcb Colour Size
    MCPANBEPT 10 Beige-Grey S
    MCPANBETM 10 Beige-Grey M
    MCPANBEGT 10 Beige-Grey L
    MCPANBEXG 10 Beige-Grey XL
    MCPANBEXX 10 Beige-Grey XXL
    MCPANBE3X 10 Beige-Grey 3XL
    MCPANBMPT 10 Navy blue-Black S
    MCPANBMTM 10 Navy blue-Black M
    MCPANBMGT 10 Navy blue-Black L
    MCPANBMXG 10 Navy blue-Black XL
    MCPANBMXX 10 Navy blue-Black XXL
    MCPANBM3X 10 Navy blue-Black 3XL
    MCPANGRPT 10 Light grey-DarK grey S
    MCPANGRTM 10 Light grey-DarK grey M
    MCPANGRGT 10 Light grey-DarK grey L
    MCPANGRXG 10 Light grey-DarK grey XL
    MCPANGRXX 10 Light grey-DarK grey XXL
    MCPANGR3X 10 Light grey-DarK grey 3XL
  • EN ISO 13688:2013 General requirements
  • Reference standard, not for use alone, but only in association with another standard containing the protection performance requirements. This standard specifies general performance requirements for ergonomics, innocuousness, size designation, durability, ageing, compatibility and marking of protective clothing and the information to be supplied by the manufacturer with the protective clothing.