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Tw100 s1p src

Split leather / polyamide shoes - s1p hro hi ci src





fulfill the requirements of the European Directive 89/686, speciallfor ergonomics, harmlessness, comfort, airing and flexibility and fulfill therequirements of the European standards EN ISO 20344:2004/A1:2007 and EN ISO 20345:2004/A1:2007 S1P* HRO* HI*CI* SRC (Resistance to slipping on Ceramic and Steel floors, for all types of hard floors for multiple uses indoors or outdoors).


Upper: Suede split leather and polyamide, with rubber toe cap. Lining: Polyamide absorbing. Insole: Removable preformed – Polyester on PU. Midsole: Cemented – PU with Panoshock® shock absorber. Outsole: Rubber Nitrile. Non metallic footwear.

  • Agriculture / Green areas
  • Construction / Civil engineering
  • Antistatic
  • Cutting / Perforation
  • Heat
  • Shock
  • Slip
  • Reference pcb Colour Size
    TW100SPBG39 5 Beige-Grey 39
    TW100SPBG40 5 Beige-Grey 40
    TW100SPBG41 5 Beige-Grey 41
    TW100SPBG42 5 Beige-Grey 42
    TW100SPBG43 5 Beige-Grey 43
    TW100SPBG44 5 Beige-Grey 44
    TW100SPBG46 5 Beige-Grey 46
    TW100SPBG47 5 Beige-Grey 47
    TW100SPBG48 5 Beige-Grey 48
  • EN ISO 20344:2004/A1:2007 Personal protective equipment - Test methods for footwear
  • This standard defines the test methods for safety footwear, protective footwear, and occupational shoes. It may be used only in conjunction with standards EN ISO 20345 and EN ISO 20347, which specify the requirements for the shoes as a function of specific levels of risk involved.
  • EN ISO 20345:2004/A1:2007 Specifications on safety shoes for professional use.
    • SRC Slip resistance
    • S1P HRO HI CI Additional special requirements
    This standard defines, in reference to EN ISO20344 standard, the basic and additional (optional) requirements on safety shoes for professional use. These shoes include devices to protect the user against injuries caused by accidents liable to occur in the industrial environment for which the shoe has been designed, fitted with safety toe-cap intended to deliver a protection against impacts with an energy level equal to 200 joules.