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  • Screwed Eco Helmet
  • Ratchet Eco Safety Helmet
  • Product standard: EN 397 certified.
  •  CE Certified Economic Mark (CE 0121 EN 397) is the production of Iges work safety.
  • Produced in accordance with EN 397 and is tested and approved by bg prüfzert (0121), one of Germany’s most important testing institutes.
  • This gives the user complete comfort.
  • They are manufactured to be resistant to moisture, + 50c heat, -10 ° C cold and moisture.
  • This helmet is fitted as standard. It covers all of the forehead. It provides complete comfort for the user.
  • It is designed to provide ventilation with six overhead bands.
  • It is resistant to all the mechanical tests in the standards.
  • The nape band can be adjusted according to the adjustment of the head and head.
  • Agriculture / Green areas
  • Construction / Civil engineering
  • Shock