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Granite wind

Ventilated safety helmet - mountain helmet style





The product complies with the European Directive 89/686, notably regarding ergonomics, innocuousness, comfort and with standards :


Ventilated ABS safety helmet. Mountain helmet style: without visor for the best vertical vision. Less encumbrance. Light. Polyamide cradle: 3 textile bands with 8 fixing points. Thermoformed sweat band. Innovative adjustable ROTOR® system (patented): head sizes 53 to 63 cm. Sold with 3 point chin strap.


  • Construction / Civil engineering
  • Second work / craftsman
  • Wind energy
  • Heat
  • Shock
  • Reference pcb Colour Size
    GRAWIBCFL 10 White Adjustable
    GRAWIBLFL 10 Blue Adjustable
    GRAWIJAFL 10 Yellow Adjustable
    GRAWIORFL 10 Orange Adjustable
    GRAWIROFL 10 Red Adjustable
  • EN397 Protective helmets for industry
    • MM Molten metal spray
    • Lateral deformation
    • Standard temperatures - -10°C / +50°C
    • -20°C +50°C Very low temperature - -20°C / +50°C
    • Very low temperature - -30°C / +50°C
    • Very high temperature - +150°C / -30°C
    • Electric insulation
    Protective helmets for industry. MANDATORY – Impact*: force transmitted to the headform must not exceed 5 kN at the fall of an object of 5 kg from a 1m height. The impact energy of the helmet at the end of the test is 49 J. – Penetration*: the tip of the mass used in the test (3 kg over 1m) must not come into contact with the skull. – Flammability: the helmet should not burn with flame emission more than 5 seconds after removal of the flame. * The impact and penetration tests are performed at room temperature, at 50°C and at -10°C OPTIONAL In extreme temperatures: impact and penetration tests are conducted at room temperature at 150°C, at -20°C or -30°C. Protects against lateral compression. The maximum deformation of the helmet should be ≤ 40 mm. Protects against accidental short-term contact with a live electrical conductor up to 440 VAC Resistance to molten metal splashes