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Venitact v1400

Box 100 powder free nitrile disposable gloves





The product complies with the European Directive 89/686, notably regarding ergonomics, innocuousness, comfort and with standards :



Powder-free nitrile. Suitable for food industry. AQL 1,5. Box of 100 disposable gloves.

100% nitrile.

  • Heavy industry
  • Hygiene environment
  • Biological chemical particles
  • Nitrile:
    • Waterproof and airtight
    • Flexibility, elasticity and tactility
    • No allergies risks
    • Protection against chemical products (occasional contact)

    Blue colour :
    • Easier to see in the workplace

    Powder-free glove :
    • Protection of the object as no risk of leaving particles

    Reference pcb Colour Size
    V1400B10006 10 Blue 6/7
    V1400B10007 10 Blue 7/8
    V1400B10008 10 Blue 8/9
    V1400B10009 10 Blue 9/10
  • EN420:2003+A1:2009 General requirements
    • 5 Dexterity (from 1 to 5)
    • Conform to harmlessness (pH, chrome VI levels, etc…). • Conform to the size charts (see chart on below). • Pass the dexterity test. • Conform to the labelling, information and identification instructions.
  • EN374-2:2003 Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms - Part 2: Determination of resistance to penetration
    • Resistant gloves to micro-organisms (bacteria, mushrooms), tested according to EN374-2
    Penetration (tested as per standard EN374-2): Diffusion, at a non molecular scale, of a chemical product and/or micro-organism through the porosities, seams, micro-holes or other imperfections present in the material of the protective glove.
  • EN374-3 :2003 Protective gloves against chemicals and micro-organisms - Part 3: Determination of resistance to permeation by chemicals
  • Permeation (tested as per standard EN374-3): Process by which a chemical product diffuses through the material of a protective glove, at the molecular scale. A glove is considered resistant to chemical products if it obtains a performance index to permeation at least equal to 2 for three test chemical products included in the following list of chemical products: