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BW Clip Disposable Single Gas Detector

Gas Detector

The gas sensors available for the BW Clip are :

Carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), Oxygen (O2), and Sulphur dioxide (SO2)

Accessories are available from Gas Monitor Point which can be found on our accessories and spares section of our website.

BW Clip Features & Benefits:

  • Maintenance-free: no sensor or battery changes necessary
  • Compact, lightweight design with one-button operation
  • Designed for a range of harsh environments and extreme temperatures
  • Hibernation mode with case accessory or IntelliDox
  • Automated self-test of battery, sensor and electronics
  • Wide-angle flash, which alerts simultaneously with audible and vibrating alarm
  • Automatic logging of the 35 most recent gas events and bump test results
  • Compatible with MicroDock II and Fleet Manager II software
  • Affordable, with low cost of ownership


  • SPECIFICATIONSize:4.1 x 5.0 x 8.7 cm / 1.6 x 2.0 x 3.4 in.Weight:92 g / 3.2 oz.temperature:H2S: -40 to +50°C / -40 to +122°F
    CO: -30 to +50°C / -22 to +122°F
    O2: -20 to +50°C / -4 to +122°F
    SO2: -30 to +50°C / -22 to +122°FHumidity:5% – 95% RH (non-condensing)Alarms:Visual, vibrating, audible (95 dB) • Low, HighTests:Activated detectors automatically perform one internal diagnostic test every 24 hours.Typical battery life:Two years (H2S, CO, O2 or SO2) or three years (H2S or CO)
  • Standard features of BW products: • Continuous LCD shows real-time gas concentrations • Compact and lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear • Water-resistant • Simple automatic calibration procedure; compatible with BW MicroDock II automatic test and calibration station • Full function self-test of sensor, battery status, circuit integrity and audible/visual alarms on start up • Bright wide-angled visual alarm bars • Built-in concussion-proof boot Specifications: Size: 1.1 x 2.0 x 3.2 in. / 2.8 x 5.0 x 8.1 cm Weight: 2.7 oz. / 76 g Typical battery life: Two years (H2S, CO, SO2 or O2) or three years (H2S or CO) Tests: Full function self-test on activation and every 20 hours, and automatic battery test every 2 hours Ratings: EMI/RFI: Complies with EMC Directive 89/336/EEC IP 66/67  Large confidence LCD displays life remaining in months, days and hours Displays peak alarm exposures encountered on demand User-activated daily self-test Internal vibrating alarm for high noise environments Records and transmits gas alarm events