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Visor toric

Clear polycarbonate injected visor


ClearGreen shade 5


No size

The product complies with the European Directive 89/686, notably regarding ergonomics, innocuousness, comfort and with standards :


Clear polycarbonate injected visor. Thickness 1,9/2,0 mm. Electric Arc protection. Universal fixing. Suitable for faceshield holder VISOR HOLDER and VISOR H (BALBI2 and PICO2 support). 39 x 20 cm.


  • Construction / Civil engineering
  • Heavy industry
  • Light industry
  • Heat
  • Shock
  • UV / IR
  • Marking (EN166)
    1 = the best optical class
    A = highest shock resistance
    T = extreme temperature resistance
    8 = electrical Arc, short-circuit resistance
    9 = molten metal projections resistance
    Marking (EN170)
    2C-1,2 = UV resistance


    Reference pcb Colour Size
    VISORTOIN 20 Clear No size
    VISORTOT5 20 Green shade 5 No size
  • EN166 Personal eye-protection - Specifications
    • 1AT 89 Oculars marking
    • Frame marking
    Applies to all types of individual protection of the eye which protects from hazards likely to damage the eye, except for nuclear radiation, x-rays, laser emissions and infrared emitted by low-temperature sources. Does not apply to eye protection for which separate standards exist (anti-laser eye protection, sunglasses for general use,…).
  • EN170:2002 Ultraviolet filters
    • UV 2C-1.2 echelon